What is Direct Primary Care?

In a Direct Primary Care Practice, the provider works directly for the patient and is able to disregard insurance company guidelines.   Without insurance requirements, the provider can spend time taking care of the patient instead of doing paperwork. Because of this, the provider is free to spend more time with you and to be available for you, even outside of the office.  The personalized care you can get when an insurance company isn't dictating the providers practice is amazing.  Without co-pays or deductibles, many patients find that they save money by becoming a member.

Are long term contracts required?

There are NO long term contracts.  The patient agreement is on a month to month basis.  Of course we want to keep you happy and healthy as a patient at Impact Family Wellness and we hope to build a long relationship with you.  If you find we are not the right fit, you can cancel with a 30 day written notice.

If I have insurance, will it cover my membership fee?

Typical insurance polices will NOT cover membership fees.  Many health cost sharing policies will cover these fees.  Check out Sedera Health and Liberty Health Share for more affordable healthcare options.

How does Monica offer the extended time and care for her patients?

The typical primary care provider in today medical system has 2000-3000 patients.  Monica is limiting her patients to approximately 500 patients to ensure individualized care for each and every one of them.

Affordable healthcare really does exist!

Text, e-mail, or call Monica if you have an urgent medical need.  She will respond as quickly as possible and do everything possible to help.  Monica lives close to the office so an emergency visit for a quick laceration repair is definitely an option.

What if Monica goes on vacation?

All members will be notified via e-mail if Monica plans to be out of the office for more than 3 days.  She will check messages at least once a day and will offer coverage with other provider if primary care needs are necessary

Can I use my HSA to pay for my membership fee?

A bill was signed in August 2019 to allow for HSA funds to cover DPC membership fees.  It is to be written into law within 180 days of the signing of the bill.