Affordable medical care you actually want to use!

Affordable medical care you actually want to use!

Affordable medical care you actually want to use!Affordable medical care you actually want to use!

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a model of healthcare that utilizes a monthly membership model to allow patients greater access and a more personal relationship with their provider.  By cutting out the insurance company, we are able to spend more time ensuring each patient receives individualized care that best suits the patient.  Patients receive access to their provider via unlimited office visits, text, e-mail, and telehealth to ensure they get care when they want it and where they want it.  Unsure if Impact Family Wellness is a great fit for you and your family?  Schedule a free in office meet and greet below to to find out more!

Direct Primary Care Explained


Unlimited Access

Personalized care with a provider who knows your name

We provide unlimited access to our provider to ensure you can access care ANYTIME you need it and ANYWHERE you need it for all your health and medical needs

Affordable Care

Understand your health care and your coverage options

With price transparency you will always know the cost of care without copays .  Most services are included in membership, but you will know the price of any additional costs before they happen.


With the ability to text your provider or participate in virtual visits, Impact Family Wellness provides care when you need it the most

Unlimited office visits, E-mail, texting, and virtual appointments are all available so that you can reach your provider when you need her most.

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