We take the struggle out of primary care

Direct Primary Care saves you time and money while providing exceptional care!

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a model of healthcare that allows us to create a personal relationship with our patients.  We focus on spending time with patients and understanding their health and wellness goals.  All members are given direct access to their providers cell phone number so they can get their questions and concerns answered quickly and conveniently.  Want a provider that actually knows your name and understands your struggles?  Then you are in the right place.  

After spending 10 years in the insurance based system, our founder, Monica McKitterick, had had enough of it.  Seeing 30+ patients a day and spending 3-5 minutes with them was simply not why she went into health care.  Direct Primary Care allows us to spend 30-60 minutes with patients to ensure we understand their health and wellness goals.  Offering care via text/phone to make care convenient, efficient, and avoid lost time and money is one of the benefits we love best!   Keeping care affordable and having transparent prices as well as offering exceptional care are just a few ways Impact Family Wellness is helping to revolutionize the healthcare system.

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Direct Primary Care Explained


Personalized care with a provider who knows your name

Save time

Excellent Care

Save time

Need an appointment today?  

No problem!  You can schedule it online or call/text your provider direct

Want to get your medication refilled?  

Just send your provider a quick text message.

Want to discuss a medication but don't want to take off work? 

 We can schedule a quick phone call and often handle it without an office visit.

Understand your health care and your coverage options

Save $

Excellent Care

Save time

With price transparency you will always know the cost of care without copays .  Most services are included in membership, but you will know the price of any additional costs before they happen.

Need a thyroid screen?

That will be just $5.00

Want your annual physical labs done?

We can do that for under $15

With the ability to text your provider or participate in virtual visits, Impact Family Wellness provides care when you need it the most

Excellent Care

Excellent Care

Excellent Care

Want a provider that will actually listen to you?

All our appointments are 30-60 minutes to give you the time you need.

Done being judged by your healthcare provider?

We provide a no judgement zone

Wish you could follow up without an extra appointment?

You can send a text to your provider anytime you need!

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