Our Mission

The mission of Impact Family Wellness is to make an impact in patient's lives by ensuring access to exceptional care at an affordable price.  Without time constraints and regulations put into place by insurance companies, our provider is able to give individualized care to every patient with their best interest at the forefront. 

Why Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

Insurance companies and skyrocketing medical prices should not impede patients from receiving excellent care.  It was obvious to Monica that the barrier to her providing exceptional care for her patients was in insurance guidelines and restrictions.  By adopting the DPC model, Monica can spend the time she needs to care for her patients and ensure patients are treated the way she would want her own family to be treated.

Do you need insurance?

The ideal patient in the DPC model has a high deductible, catastrophic, or health sharing plan to cover things that cannot be treated in the primary care setting.  We will happily take the uninsured and take care of as much of their care as possible.  

Want more personalized health care?